Final Beauty Shot

Low Poly Character 
Diffuse Map-2048x2048
 Normal Map -2048x2048
Specular Map-2048x2048
 Texture Sheet

Elektra Work in Progress Zbrush Sculpt
Zbrush Highpoly

An experimental color I made in Photoshop.
Soon Work in Progress Low Poly version
with complete texture maps
Diffuse, Normals and Specular

Head Sculpt

Head Sculpt

These are some of the games I was credited with. Timothy and Titus RPG game, CSI New York the Game (Ubisoft), Uncharted 2, Among Thieves(Naughty Dog) AAA game. Unchartered 2 game won best PS3 game at E3 this year. I've mostly worked on  props, and Characters, detailing and texturing.

 Here is the link to the game trailer 
Here is the link to the game trailer


 My new character (Work in Progress)
Inspired by an old action figure (SPAWN)
Done in 3d max and Zbrush

English Naval Officer

 Next gen Naval Officer High Poly Zbrush model

Final 3d output  
3d Mesh - 9,800 Tris

 Final Model with Diffuse, Normal, and Specular Map
Diffuse Map - 2048 x 2048
Normal Map - 2048 x 2048
Specular Map - 2048 x 2048

Kratos God of War

This is one of my character done in 3d max and Zbrush.
All textures and sculpting are done in Zbrush. 
Base mesh was modeled in 3d max

Zbrush Turntable of Kratos

Some Next Gen turrets and vehicles I did from my previous job for Xbox game

Some games I worked with from my previous job
as a game developer (Circa 2006,2007)
Xbox, PC, and DS game 

Digital Paintings